8th Annual "What's My Anti-Drug" Tournament 

On September 18, 2010 the Warrior's Red Dragons participated in the 8th Annual "What's My Anti-Drug" Karate Tournament sponsored by Master David Washington. This event is designed to bring the community together while teaching kids the importance of having an anti-drug. Guest speaker Vince Carter Sr spoke to the kids and parents about drugs, the importance of education and obedience towards teachers and parents. This year's proceeds were donated to Restore Hope Orlando, an organization that works mainly with youth in the Holden Heights area of Orlando (one of the highest crime rate areas in the US). The Red Dragons accomplished much:

  • Isaac Santana: 2nd in Forms, 2nd in Sparring
  • Betsy Santana: 2nd in Forms, 1st in Sparring
  • Danielle: 1st in Forms, 3rd in Sparring
  • Cathy: 3rd in Forms, 1st in Sparring
  • Andrea: 4th in Forms, 1st in Sparring
  • Samseri: 1st in Forms, 2nd in Sparring

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