The Seven Articles of Standards of Duro y Suave, Manos Vacias

Revised 10/28/2007 Soul-Ki Peter Flores, Sr.

  1. To deliver the highest quality, yet affordable Martial Arts training available in a manner that consistently meets the needs of the community.
  2. To actively participate in the community and function as a comprehensive resource for the Martial Arts training in any locale where there is a Duro y Suave, Manos Vacias Dojo.
  3. To attract, retain, develop and motivate enthusiastic and loyal Teachers, Instructors and Guardians who can identify with and make a lifetime commitment to the mission of Duro y Suave, Manos Vacias.
  4. To develop a progressive, responsive and professional staff capable of meeting and being conscious of new challenges and opportunities in the Martial Arts field.
  5. To cultivate a positive workout environment for students, Teachers and Instructors which maximizes the use of our resources, supports our student’s growth and solidifies our position in the Martial Arts field.
  6. To consistently conduct our affairs with integrity and ensure the delivery of services in a highly professional and ethical manner in order to maintain a position of trust and respect with our students, Teachers, Instructors and Guardians and the communities we serve.
  7. To continue to examine and pursue alternative development plans for the human, physical, spiritual and service oriented growth of our Martial Arts family.

Ancient Martial Arts Creed

I come to you with my empty hands and feet.

I have no weapons; but should I be forced to

defend myself, my principles or my honor,

should it be a matter of life or death,

right or wrong, then here are my weapons:


Dojo Motto

A Karateka Must Be Gentle In Life, Ferocious In Combat

 Three D's In The Martial Arts


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