On February 23, 2013 the Warrior's Red Dragons competed in the Tournament of Champions at Dover Community Center in Orlando, Florida. We brought back 31 - 1st place, 19 - 2nd place, 6 - 3rd place and 12 medals in Kumite, Kata and Weapons. 26 students competed including my Grandson who placed 1st in weapons, 3rd in Kumite and 4th in Kata. Participants were: Bryan Casas, Darius Telot, Jason Basurto, Ricardo Lopez, Rafael Fontalvo, Inez Trinidad, Jesus Gonzalez, Victor Gonzalez, Gabriel Cuenca, Felix Cuenca, Dannielle Cuenca, John and Michael Sotomayor, Isaiah Ardies, Jorge Ortega, Melissa Terraza, Andrea Serrano, Heda Dawit, Isaac and Betsybabe Santana, Nabil Shamat, Angelo Rivera, Adrian Yandel Cruz, Andoni Juseppe.

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