On July 24, 2015, the United States National Grand Masters Federation appointed Grand Master Frankie Huertas to the Military Advisory Board. Welcome aboard and thank you for your service to United States. Sincerely, President GrandMaster Huddleston, Sr. with Vice President GrandMaster Mike Curtis and Vice President GrandMaster Joy Turberville.

It is with great humility and respect to this organization that I bow for the Induction Honor. My journey as a white belt that never quits continue. Respectfully I thank my Sensei the Legendary Wildcat Molina Grandmaster, my Beloved Soul-Ki who passed away this year and promoted me to GrandMaster, passing his Obi and Gi as The Keeper of the system, Soul-Ki if DURO Y SUAVE, MANOS VACIAS, my students past and present for making this possible. I know Peter Flores Sr founder of our system is smiling from above. Con Respecto...Frankie Huertas, SOUL- Ki, Siempre Ous

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