Soul~Ki Grand Master Frankie Huertas 10th Dan

On January 22, 2016, Soul-Ki Grand Master Frankie Huertas was promoted to 10th Dan from the MMASC Grand Master Advisory Board. In Soul-Ki's own words:

My journey into the Martial Arts began in Brooklyn, Red Hood with a taste with Ronald Duncan GM back in 1967 for a few weeks but mother stopped me for religious reasons, who was teaching on Court Street and 9th where my Uncle Jimmy was training. Off to Job Corp and then Marine Corp on an Island called Okinawa, Kinville, Camp Hansen where I trained with fellow Marines. Then my life long Sensei and still Sensei crossed roads. He is still my Sensei, The Legendary GrandMaster Wildcat Molina Hanshi who introduced me to Peter Flores Sr Soul-Ki whose system Duro Y Save, Manos Vacias I inherited upon his passing and promotion to GrandMaster and passing of his Gi and Obi upon his untimely death. A city boy cross roads with his brother from another mother in the Show Me State of Missouri. Our schools were rivals and go toe to toe, but we grew a deep respect and friendship over the years and hard knocks, old school and I am Honor beyond word Richard Teresa Osborn that from 1984 till now our friendship continues. Again after a challenging personal week I thank you and all those in the Midwest, Region 5. You Rock. Gotta get up early to drive down to Georgia and train JeramyandDanielle Hall Sensei for 3-4 hours and drive back to Florida. A White Belt who never stop training, Sensei, my favorite title and called by my students Sensei, Soul-Ki/GM of Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias and still student of the Legendary Wildcat Molina and must not forget my Weapon Mentor, the Honorable World Champ,Apache Cruz.

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