2016 Dragon Quest

Dojo # 1 Warrior's Red Dragons of South Orlando YMCA on Oak Ridge, Orlando Florida represented Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias founded by Peter Flores Sr Soul-Ki who passed away approximately 1 year ago in February. We entered The Dragon Quest Martial Arts Championship Tournament U.B.B.S Rated 5 Stars,AAA/GOLD hosted by Oskf Meijin Kan Kokusaikan Kempo-Karate Hanshi/GM and Harry Vidal Shihan. He smiles below knowing we continue to keep our promise to pass it on. My Grandson, Adrian Yandel Cruz placed 1st Kubodo, 2nd Kumite and 4th Kata. Heda Dawit took Grand Championship in Kumite and Felix Cuenca took three 1st in all Divisions. Yet I surprised him as I lined up three Masters to spar with him twice, non stop for his Brown Belt Promotion. One Master was Carlos A. Pagan-Soto who took it too him "Old School" taking him down to the ground and baptizing him on the floor. All the other students took 1st and 2nd each and had a great time. Our style began in Okinawa, Goju Ryu and was passed down through my Sensei, The Legendary Grandmaster Wildcat Molina Hanshi and by my Weapons Mentor The Honorable Apache Cruz. Special. MAY WE HAVE THE FAITH TO CONTINUE, THE WISDOM TO PASS IT ON, THE POWER TO SUCCEED. Con Respecto...Frankie Huertas Soul-Ki/GM (Keeper of the System) Siempre Ous.

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