Hosted by Oskf Meijin Kan Kokusaikan Kempo-Karate

We recognize the six students of Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club, Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias at the South Orlando YMCA for their achievements at the WORLD OPEN LATIN AMERICAN MARTIAL ARTS EXPO & CHAMPIONSHIP 25 JUNE 2016 IN THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, ORLANDO FLORIDA.

  • Ines Trinidad took Grand Championship in Kubudo
  • Adrian took 1st in Kata, 1st in Kubudo and 4th in Kumite.
  • My Jr Black Belt Ines Trinidad clean sweep in all Division. 1st in Kumite Kata and 1st Grand Championship in Kubudo
  • Angelo Rivera my oldest student at 69 took 1st in Kubudo and Kata.
  • Jhun Jhun Cuenca took 2nd in Kubudo and 1st in Kata.
  • Karen Lopez took 1st in Kubudo 1st in Kumite and 2nd in Kata

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