Council Meeting NYC September 24, 2016

As we gather together in the Spirit of Brotherhood reflecting on the memories of Peter Flores Sr Soul-Ki founder of Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias and the moving forward of our System we awarded certificates to Council Members, Associates and elevation as warranted and endorsed by Council Members. We reminisce and openly shared knowledge with the old and new and re-enforced the guidelines set by Soul-Ki which are the Seven Articles and System Creed. Also thank you to Eliza Slappy Pereira Sensei who wrote and sent a personal email paying respect and thanking Grandpa Soul-Ki for guiding and believing in her potentials and others for their support. My apologies to her for with being caught up in the moment did not read it but acknowledge her heart given message and support to the System and family. Also not in group photo thank you for your presence Wilfredo Roldan Grandmaster for also honoring us by being there and Hanshi Stephen F. Kaufman.

Con Respecto...A White Belt Who Never Quit, Frankie Huertas Soul-Ki/Headmaster, Siempre Osu

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