VSK Federation Annual Open Karate tournament

April 29, 2017

Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias founded by Peter Flores Sr Soul-Ki, Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club from South Orlando YMCA on Oakridge Road represented at the VSK School of Survival & VSK Federation Annual Open Karate tournament conducted by Soke "Lil John" Davis in Sarasota Florida with four students:

  • Adrian Cruz Yandel who took three 1st place in Kata, Kumite and Kubudo
  • Townsend Russel who took 1st in Kata and Kubodo and 2nd in Kumite
  • Melissa Terraza who took 1st in Kumite, 2nd in Kata and 3rd in Kubudo
  • Isabel Torres who took 1st in Kumite and two 2nd in Kata and Kubudo

Respects to my Sensei The Legendary Wildcat Molina Hanshi and GM Apache Cruz my Weapons Mentor and Dojo Brother. Con Respecto...Frankie Huertas Soul-Ki/GM, Keeper of The System. Hai

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