OSKF Martial Arts & Championship Tournament

Yes Peter Flores Sr Soul~Ki Founder of Duro Y Suave, Manos Vacias we continue the Mission guided by The Seven Articles and System Creed. On Saturday 2 December 2017 13 Warriors from the YMCA Karate Club on Oakridge Road in Orlando Florida stepped up and entered the OSKF Martial Arts & Championship Tournament. We won Twenty 1st Place, Nine 2nd Place and Two 3rd Place. In addition Leonardo Bravo took Grand Championship in Weapons in the Children Division and Felix Cuenca III Sempai took Weapons Grand Championship in the adult Division. Later that night we went ro the YING & YANG WORLD BUDO AWARD where I was inducted as Hanshi of The Year Award, Felix Cuenca as Senior Black Belt and Betsabe SantanaSempai Junior Black Belt of the Year Award. Adrian Cruz Yandel, Abigail Santana, Danielle Cuenca and Angelo Rivera Sempai were recognized as Warrior Competitors of The Year. In all we had a great time. I want to pay my respect to my Sensei who laid my foundation The Legendary Wildcat Molina Hanshi and Apache Cruz Hanshi my Dojo Brother and Weapons Mentor. This was conducted by Oskf Meijinkan Hanshi who is my Dojo Brother assisted by Harry Vidal Shihan. We are Dojo#2, Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club. May We Have The Faith To Continue, The Wisdom To Pass It On, The Power to Succeed. Con Respecto...Frankie Huertas Soul~Ki (Keeper of the System)GM.

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