Promotions December 15, 2018

On Friday, December 14, 2018 students of Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias, founded by Peter Flores Sr Soul-Ki, Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club, Dojo #2 were elevated to their next level. Adonai Juseppe advanced to Junior Back Belt and Rafael Montalvo to Brown Belt. I wished to acknowledge my Sensei The Legendary Grandmaster Wildcat Hanshi for our foundation and my Dojo Brother/Weapons Mentor The Legendary Grandmaster Apache Cruz Hanshi. Patrick Jackson, DIRECTOR of our Program at The South Orlando YMCA at 814 Oak Ridge Road, Thank you for allowing me The Honor To Pass It On to the Leaders of The Next Generation. May I Have The Faith To Continue, The Wisdom To Pass It On, The Power To Succeed IAW The Seven Articles. Con Respecto...Hai

  • Adonai Juseppe - Jr. Black Belt
  • Rafael Montalvo - Brown Belt
  • Adriam Juseppe - Yellow Belt
  • Angela Suarez - Yellow Belt
  • Adrian Yandel Cruz - Purple Belt 1st Kyu

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