Ronin Samurai Challenge

October 26, 2019: 4 Towers Martial Arts & the Shi Tou Sei Do Combat Karate Federation Hosted the Inaugural “Ronin Samurai Challenge” Tournament, “Gathering of Young Warriors”

Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias founded by Peter Flores Sr Soul-Ki, Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club Dojo #2 from YMCA 814 Oakridge Road, Orlando Florida 32809. Taught by Frankie Huertas Soul-Ki/Hanshi a student of The Legendary Grandmaster Wildcat Molina Hanshi. We Represented today 26 October at 2019 at the Ronin Samurai Challenge Gathering of Young Warriors hosted by Segundo Torres Hanshi 4 Towers Martial Arts. It was an Excellent run event where our children had fun, learn and made friends with students of other schools. Fantastic arbitration by no nonsense but fair Harry Vidal Hanshi. May We Have The Faith To Continue, The Wisdom To Pass It On, The Power To Succeed. Con Respecto...Hai

The competitors that represented the School of Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club Dojo #2. — at First Baptist Orlando: Adrian Yandel Cruz, Rafael Montalvo, Anashly Rodriguez, Jose Gutierrez, Brian Lemus, Kenyhon Williams, Jair Lucio.

  • Rafael Montalvo Jr. Black Belt took Grand Championship in Kumite. 2nd Grand Championship for Jr Black Belt Rafael Montalvo in Kumite.
  • Anashly Rodriguez took Grand Championship in Kumite.
  • Kenyhon Williams with his awards in Kata and Kumite.

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