Promotions: Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club, Dojo #2

February 20, 2021

On 20th February 2021 the below students were advanced to their next level as they continue The Journey of A Thousand Miles on The Path of The Warrior. They are students under Frankie Huertas Sensei of Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club at the South Orlando YMCA on Oakridge Road Orlando Florida. My Sensei is The Legendary Grandmaster Wildcat Molina. Our System is Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias founded by Peter Flores Sr Soul ~Ki but we are Goju Ryu style. A shout out to my Dojo Brother Apache Cruz Hanshi. Con Respecto...Hai for more information.

The changing of Belt to Intermediate Division. Life of Labor.

  • Gabriel Cuenca: Elevated to Green Belt. Son of Felix Cuenca III
  • Jahzeel Xalamihua: Elevated to Green Belt.
  • Roayan Guzman: Elevated to Green Belt.
  • Ashley Lemus: Promotion to Green Belt. Another Female Warrior.

The changing of Belts. From White to Yellow Belt.

  • Alex Daniel Soto: Elevated to Yellow Belt. The brother of Tigeress and cousin of Street Fighter.
  • Jaden Xalamihua: Promoted to Yellow Belt. This one knows not fear and is a force to recon with.

The changing of Kyu:

  • Shalitza Bautista: On her third level of Green Belt. Hungry for Purple. A young lady Warrior with a Fighting Spirit.
  • Jair Lucio: He gives 150% and more. He is a storm coming into the Martial Arts.
  • Kenyon Williams: Advancing to his next level in Yellow Belt division.
  • Yarek Bravo Arteaga: Advanced to next level in Yellow Belt.
  • Jaden Noel: Advanced to next level in Yellow Belt.
  • Brian Lemus: Advanced to next level in Yellow Belt.
  • Oscar Terraza: Advanced to 1st Kyu White Belt.
  • Essey Beyene: Advanced to White Belt 1st Kyu.
  • Aniko Arroyo Cruz: One upcoming female Warrior.

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