September 18, 2021

On 18th September 2021, Saturday, 14 students advance to their next rank at The South Orlando YMCA on 814 West Oakridge Road in Orlando Florida as follows:

  • Leonardo and Yarek Bravo Gabriel Cuenca
  • Shalitza Bautista (Mighty Might)
  • Karen Sofia Lopez
  • Aniko Arroyo (Black Widow)
  • Alexandra Barrios
  • Edguardo and Axel Barrios
  • Lainey Antoine
  • Jaden Noel
  • Jayden Xalamihua
  • James Longobucco

We are Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club, Duro Y Suave Manos. I am Sensei a White Belt That Never Quits. Sensei is The Legendary Grandmaster Wildcat Molina Hanshi. The founder of The System is Peter Flores Sr Soul ~Ki and our Style is Goju Ryu. A shout out to my Dojo Brother and Weapons Mentor The Legendary Apache Cruz Hanshi. May We Have The Faith To Continue, The Wisdom To Pass It On, The Power To Succeed.

Con Respecto...Hai

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