Ronin Sam
November 6, 2021

Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club, Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias founded by Peter Flores Sr Soul~Ki Dojo #2 competed at The Ronin Samurai Challenge hosted by Segundo Torres Hanshi in Champions Gate/Davenport Florida 6 November 2021. We took Twenty-three 1st, Six 2nd, Two 3rd and Two 4th. The icing on the wins was 5 GRAND CHAMPION AWARDS. Bow To my Sensei The Legendary Grandmaster Wildcat Molina Hanshi who gave Me my foundation and continues to be my Sensei. A shout out to my Weapons Mentor and Dojo Brother Apache Cruz Hanshi.

Competitors were:

  • Adam Yandel Cruz
  • Melissa Terraza
  • Jahzeel Xalamihua and Jayden Xalamihua
  • Alexandra Barrios Alcantar and Eduardo Barrios Alcantar
  • Gabriel Cuenca
  • Jair Lucio Barrios
  • Daniel Pacheco
  • Leonardo Bravo Arteaga
  • Yarek Bravo Arteaga
  • Brian Lemus

Special Mention:

  • Leonardo Bravo Arteaga - 2 Grand Champion awards in Kubodo and Kumite
  • Princess Warrior Melissa Terraza won Grand Champion in Kubodo/Sparring
  • Daniel Pacheco won Grand Champion in Kata and Kumite in The Special Warriors Division
  • Brian Lemus took 1st and Eduardo Barrios Alcantar took 2nd in Kumite/Sparring
  • Adrian Yandel Cruz took 1st in Kubodo and Kumite, 2nd in Kata. He was also runner up in Kumite and Kata
  • Leonardo Bravo Arteaga, Gabriel Cuenca and Melissa Terraza took 1st in Kumite/Sparring
  • Daniel Pacheco took 1st in Kata and Kumite. Also two Grand Champion in The Special Warriors Division
  • Gabriel Cuenca took 1st in Kata, Kubodo and Kumite. Gabriel was also Runner Up for Grand Champion in Kumite. It was a closer battle

Felix Cuenca III Sempai assistance with Students and Judging is recognized by me and others. Thank You to my Sensei The Legendary Grandmaster Wildcat Molina Hanshi who gave Me my foundation and Apache Cruz Hanshi and Dojo Brother Weapons Mentor. We train out of South Orlando YMCA, 814 West Oakridge Road Orlando Florida. Visit for more information. May We Have The Faith To Continue, The Wisdom To Pass It On, The Power To Succeed.

Con Respecto...Hai

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