Dragon Challenge III

April 9, 2022

On Saturday 9 April 2022 31 Warriors Red Dragons Karate Students competed in the DRAGON CHALLENGE III presented by myself and Harry Vidal Hanshi at Tom Fellows Community Center in Davenport, FL. I want to thanks all the schools and Black Belts who supported us with students, Judging or assistance for they made this a successful event. We won 58 Awards including three Grand Championship Trophies. Also Felix Cuenca III was promoted Black Belt Sandan, Adonai Juseppe, Rafael Montalvo and Angelo Rivera to Black Belt Ichi Dan. A special shout out to my Sensei The Legendary Grandmaster Wildcat Molina who instill my Foundation, The Legendary Grandmaster Apache Cruz my Weapons Mentor and Dojo Brother and Peter Flores Sr Soul ~Ki founder of Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias. May I Have The Faith To Continue, The Wisdom To Pass It On, The Power To Succeed. I am Sensei, A White Belt Who Never Quits and Continues The Journey. Con Respecto...Hai

Here after 10 years plus Angelo Rivera age 75, Adonai Juseppe age 18 and Rafael Montalvo age 19 promoted from Sho Dan Ho to 1st Degree Black Belt. Felix Cuenca III from Ni Dan to San Dan, age 50. I am Honor to be their Sensei. Con Respecto...Hai

Leonardo Bravo. One of two Grand Championship Trophies won.
Alexandra Barrios. Female Warrior
Jair Lucio and Leonardo Bravo Arteaga.
Stevenson Augustin and Gabriel Longobucco.
Adonia Juseppe 1st degree Black Belt. He started at 7 years old and now at 18 earned his 1st degree Blank Belt. He is headed to University of Florida to study Engineering
Rafael Montalvo, Duwaan Dawann Burnam and Adrian Yandel Cruz
Rafael Montalvo. Black Belt Division . 1st in Kata Kubodo and Kumite
Dawann Burnam
Brian Lemus
Roayan Guzman Grand Champion
Nahom Gebermskel, Angelo Rivera and Terminator Moises Longobucco.
Angelo Rivera and Josh Henry Thebaud.
Alexandra Barrios
Dawann Burnam , Osmani Menocal and James Longobucco.
Jahzeel Xalamihua.
Roayan Guzman.
Aniko Cruz and Shalitza Bautista
Nora Ismail.
Ethan Charles Special Warriors Division.
Our fighting beginner Janna placed in Sparring/Kumite

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