August 20, 2022

20th August 2022 19 members of Warriors Red Dragons Karate/Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias founded by Peter Flores Sr Soul ~Ki competed at The CHALLENGE MATCH MARTIAL ARTS EVENT hosted by Jose Corderrp Shihan. We brought back 53 Awards inclusive of 15 1ST, 11 2nd, 13th 3rd, 11 4th and 3 Grand Championship Trophies. Yet the biggest Awards was the smiles of accomplishments, new friendships and learning. Congratulations to all competitors from other schools and to their Sensei as we mold the next generation to excel in The Battle of Life on The Journey of A Warrior. Shout out to my Sensei The Legendary Grandmaster Wildcat Molina and Apache Cruz Hanshi. Con Respecto...Hai

  • Adrian Yandel Cruz Student and Grandson. 1st Kubodo and Kumite. 2nd Kubodo.
  • Adrian Cruz 4th Adult Black Belt Kubodo Division
  • Dawann Burnam Grand Champion Kumite 2nd in Kata and Kubodo.
  • Leonardo Bravo Arteaga Grand Champion in Kubodo. 1st in Kata.
  • Gabriel Cuenca Grand Champion in Kata. 1st Kata and Kubodo. 4th Kumite.
  • Gabriel Cuenca Grand Championship in Kata. 1st in Kata and Kubodo. 4th Kumite.
  • Leonardo Bravo 1st place Kubodo. 1st Kata.
  • Moises Longobucco alias Terminator. 1st Kumite and Kata.
  • Nahom Gebrenskel 3rd Kumite 4th Kata.
  • Osmani Menocal 1st in Kata and Kubodo. 2nd Kumite.
  • Michelle Diaz 1st Kumite and 4th Kata.
  • Brian Lemus 1st Kumite. 4th Kata and Kubodo.
  • Yarek Bravo 2nd Kata and Kumite. 4th Kubodo.
  • Roayan Guzman 3rd Kubodo 4th Kata.
  • Jaden Xalamihua 3rd Kata Kubodo and Kumite.
  • Jaden Noel 2nd Kata and 4th Kubodo.
  • Merhawit Gebrenskel 1st Kumite 3rd Kata.

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