May 20, 2023
International Martial Arts Tournament
Dover Shore Community Center

Saturday 20th May 2023 Warriors Red Dragons Karate Club/Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias out of South Orlando YMCA on Oakridge Road Orlando Florida entered the International Martial Arts Tournament at The Dover Shore Community Center in Orlando Florida. With 15 Red Dragons we won 26 1st, 13 2nd, 3 3rd places and 2 Grand Championship in Kumite.

Later that night Adrian Yandel Cruz and I were recognized and Inducted in The International Martial Arts Hall of Fame hosted by Tournament of Champions Henry Graves Hanshi.

Competitors as follows:

  • Adonai Juseppe, Leonardo Bravo Arteaga and Adrian Yandel Cruz Black Belts Sempais.
  • Aniko Arroyo Cruz Brown Belt.
  • Yarek Bravo Arteaga, Jaden Noel, Jaden Xalamihua, Jahzeel Xalamihua and Osmani Menocal Green Belts.
  • Michell Diaz Yellow Belt
  • Alyssa Bateman, Jestina Gosein, Nahom Gebermskel, Sophia Rivera and Maely Peralta White Belts.
  • Osmani Menocal and Jaden Xalamihua took Grand Championship in Kumite.

They made new friends and learned. I am Honor to be a White Belt Who Never Quits and Sensei to my Students as I Empower them to be Leaders of Tomorrow. Con Respecto...Arigato Gozaimashita

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