Nate Wooten 2024 Karate Championship Tournament

Saturday, 27th January 2024 we started the New Year at Nate Wooten 2024 Karate Championship Tournament in Davenport Florida. With these five Warriors Red Dragons we took 3 Grand Championship Trophies, 10 First, 2 Second and 2 Third for a total of 17 awards. Wish to acknowledge Peter Flores Sr Soul ~Ki founder of our System Duro Y Suave Manos Vacias; The Legendary Wildcat Molina my Sensei. Also respect to Apache Cruz Hanshi my Weapons Mentor and Tanka Ramos Sensei for his influence on the Performance of Goju Ryu Kata as taught in Okinawa under Taira Sensei. The event was well organized and conducted.

  • Adrian Yandel Cruz: 1st in Kumite, 2nd in Kubodo and 3rd in Kata
  • Leonardo Bravo-Arteaga: Grand Championship in Kata and Kubodo and 2nd in Kumite
  • Gabriel Anthony Cuenca: Grand Championship in Kubodo and 1st in Kata and Kumite
  • Yarek Bravo Arteaga: 1st in Kumite and 3rd in Kubodo
  • Osmani Menocal: 1st in Kata Kubodo and Kumite

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