What people are saying

Frankie it looks great. Keep up the awesome work you are doing for the South Orlando community. I know thank yous are not heard enough, thank you for all that you do and especially for making my job easier! -Brooks Stogsdill
...keep up the great work you all are doing with Duro y Suave, Manos Vacias.  My Blessings to all of you.  Siempre OOS! -Soul~Ki Peter Flores, Sr.

Frankie, I'm so happy to see the new breed of Red Dragon Warriors doing so well also congrats on your promotion. If you send me a street address, I will send you a bunch of items from the old MO, Warrior days. I have many articles ,pictures and VHS tapes of many of the events we attended. Keep up the good work, from a true RDW family.  -Tom Cifarelli
Great web site is always a pleasure to work out with you and it was a honer to help coach your students at the last karate tournament osh keep up the great work apache cruz. -Apache Cruz

It's great pleasure to see, the vision and principles effort, the youth reaches to gain the respect: for what holds them in the future must be torn down. Not to be confuse or mistaken, but to achieve goals that breaks the yoke, and determines to be the future judges of tommorrow. FOR YU DONT KNOW WHAT HOLDS TOMORROW, ONLY TO LIVE DAY BY DAY.  -Nena Rivera Arroyo
Osu, Sensei. It was an honor to be at your 4th Dan promotion with Hanshi Molina and my friend Shihan Apache Cruz.Blessings and continued success. Osu, regards David Washington. -David Washington
Great job.  The kids looked like they were having a good time.  Keep up the good work. -Richard Osborne

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